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Holy Trinity is a coeducational Catholic school providing quality education to Catholic and non-Catholic children from West Wagga and districts.

Holy Trinity is a learning community functioning under our vision statement and in the belief that children need support and challenge for learning to take place.
The relationships developed between staff and students form the foundations of our approach to teaching and learning. Holy Trinity is an exciting school where students regularly achieve outstanding results in academic, cultural, spiritual and sporting pursuits.
All children enrolled in the school participate in our religious education program, with daily lessons, school masses, and preparation programs for the sacraments of reconciliation, eucharist and confirmation. The focus of these lessons is to learn about the life Jesus lived, the messages he gave us through his actions, and how we can live our own lives better through modelling these actions.
We cater for each child’s individual learning needs within the classroom. Intensive extension and small group skill-based teaching sessions are held to support and enrich the learning that occurs in classrooms.
Holy Trinity is a contemporary learning school characterised by a variety of open learning spaces, flexible furniture, ICT, a variety of educational resources and a fundamental change in teaching practices and learning pedagogy. We have created a culture that believes learning is a very personal journey for the teacher and the students – one that is exciting, engaging and fulfilling.
Parental support is an integral part of our school and we have a productive P&F and School Council who support initiatives within our school.



Principal – Miss Kayelene Gleeson
Assistant Principal – Mrs Renee O’Connell
Religious Education Coordinator – Mrs Berrinique Savage
Curriculum Coordinator and Sports Manager – Mrs Sonya Buchanan
Parish Priest – Fr Gabriel Murray


Teachers – Miss Tjannaya Abela, Mrs Nicole Beard
Teacher Assistants – Mrs Alison Butler, Mrs Teneal Paul, Mrs Heidi Betland, Mrs Renee Hilton

Year 1

Teachers – Mrs Melinda Chamberlain, Miss Lauren Peters Saddler, Mrs Rosanna Saywell
Teacher Assistants – Mrs Gaye Carroll, Mrs Maree Daniher, Ms Aleesha Williams

Year 2

Teachers – Mrs Renee Hilton, Mrs Hayley Prior
Teach Assistants – Mrs Danielle Clark, Mrs Rachelle Ashcroft, Mr Patrick Ryna

Year 3

Teachers – Miss Ashley Price, Mrs Kate Ryan
Teacher Assistants – Ms Jayne Harris, Mr Brad Ashcroft

Year 4

Teachers – Miss Sarah Gooden, Mrs Berrinique Savage, Miss Kate Foley
Teacher Assistants – Miss Bridget Suckling, Mrs Joanne Merlino

Year 5

Teachers – Mr Brendan Jones, Mr Christopher Masterson
Teacher Assistants – Mr Dylan Smith, Mrs Maree Daniher, Ms Aleesha Williams

Year 6

Teachers – Mrs Sonya Buchanan, Mrs Renee O’Connel
Teachers Assistants – Mr Fletcher Jenkins, Mr Ian Thomas

Creative Arts

Visual Arts – Mrs Melissa Dawson
Music, Dance, Drama – Mrs Sophie Bell

Specialist Teachers

Maths Instructional Teacher / Extended Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Teacher – Mrs Melinda Chamberlain
Reading Recovery and Release Teacher – Mrs Maree McAuliffe
Literacy Extension Teacher – Ms Georgia Hutcheon
Numeracy Extension Teacher – Mrs Emily Davis
Pastoral Care Teacher – Ms Elizabeth Ridley
Library – Mrs Maree Daniher
Aboriginal Community Workers – Mr Dylan Smith, Ms Aleesha Williams
Administrations – Mrs Hanorah O’Donohuem Nrs Andre Elliot
Canteen – Mrs Julie Kerr, Mrs Natasha Wilford

Maintenance – Mr Warren Brown
Cantacare Counsellor – Miss Lucinda Lee-Warner

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